class pyqtgraph.exporters.Exporter(item)[source]#

Abstract class used for exporting graphics to file / printer / whatever.

export(fileName=None, toBytes=False, copy=False)[source]#

If fileName is None, pop-up a file dialog. If toBytes is True, return a bytes object rather than writing to file. If copy is True, export to the copy buffer rather than writing to file.


Return a list of all items that should be painted in the correct order.


Return the parameters used to configure this exporter.

classmethod register()[source]#

Used to register Exporter classes to appear in the export dialog.

setExportMode(export, opts=None)[source]#

Call setExportMode(export, opts) on all items that will be painted during the export. This informs the item that it is about to be painted for export, allowing it to alter its appearance temporarily

export - bool; must be True before exporting and False afterward opts - dict; common parameters are ‘antialias’ and ‘background’