class pyqtgraph.GraphicsLayoutWidget(parent=None, show=False, size=None, title=None, **kargs)[source]#

Convenience class consisting of a GraphicsView with a single GraphicsLayout as its central item.

This widget is an easy starting point for generating multi-panel figures. Example:

w = pg.GraphicsLayoutWidget()
p1 = w.addPlot(row=0, col=0)
p2 = w.addPlot(row=0, col=1)
v = w.addViewBox(row=1, col=0, colspan=2)


(QWidget or None) The parent widget.


(bool) If True, then immediately show the widget after it is created. If the widget has no parent, then it will be shown inside a new window.


(width, height) tuple. Optionally resize the widget. Note: if this widget is placed inside a layout, then this argument has no effect.


(str or None) If specified, then set the window title for this widget.


All extra arguments are passed to GraphicsLayout.__init__

This class wraps several methods from its internal GraphicsLayout: nextRow nextColumn addPlot addViewBox addItem getItem addLabel addLayout removeItem itemIndex clear

__init__(parent=None, show=False, size=None, title=None, **kargs)[source]#