class pyqtgraph.ErrorBarItem(**opts)[source]#

All keyword arguments are passed to setData().


Update the data in the item. All arguments are optional.

Valid keyword options are: x, y, height, width, top, bottom, left, right, beam, pen

  • x and y must be numpy arrays specifying the coordinates of data points.

  • height, width, top, bottom, left, right, and beam may be numpy arrays, single values, or None to disable. All values should be positive.

  • top, bottom, left, and right specify the lengths of bars extending in each direction.

  • If height is specified, it overrides top and bottom.

  • If width is specified, it overrides left and right.

  • beam specifies the width of the beam at the end of each bar.

  • pen may be any single argument accepted by pg.mkPen().

This method was added in version 0.9.9. For prior versions, use setOpts.