class pyqtgraph.GraphItem(**kwds)[source]#

A GraphItem displays graph information as a set of nodes connected by lines (as in ‘graph theory’, not ‘graphics’). Useful for drawing networks, trees, etc.


Change the data displayed by the graph.



(N,2) array of the positions of each node in the graph.


(M,2) array of connection data. Each row contains indexes of two nodes that are connected or None to hide lines


The pen to use when drawing lines between connected nodes. May be one of:

  • QPen

  • a single argument to pass to pg.mkPen

  • a record array of length M with fields (red, green, blue, alpha, width). Note that using this option may have a significant performance cost.

  • None (to disable connection drawing)

  • ‘default’ to use the default foreground color.


The pen(s) used for drawing nodes.


The brush(es) used for drawing nodes.


All other keyword arguments are given to ScatterPlotItem.setData() to affect the appearance of nodes (symbol, size, brush, etc.)


Set the pen used to draw graph lines. May be:

  • None to disable line drawing

  • Record array with fields (red, green, blue, alpha, width)

  • Any set of arguments and keyword arguments accepted by mkPen.

  • ‘default’ to use the default foreground color.