class pyqtgraph.parametertree.ParameterItem(param, depth=0)[source]#

Abstract ParameterTree item. Used to represent the state of a Parameter from within a ParameterTree.

  • Sets first column of item to name

  • generates context menu if item is renamable or removable

  • handles child added / removed events

  • provides virtual functions for handling changes from parameter

For more ParameterItem types, see ParameterTree.parameterTypes module.

__init__(param, depth=0)[source]#

Called when the text in a column has been edited (or otherwise changed). By default, we only use changes to column 0 to rename the parameter.

defaultChanged(param, default)[source]#

Called when the parameter’s default value has changed


Give focus to the next (or previous) focusable item in the parameter tree


Return True if this item should be included in the tab-focus order

limitsChanged(param, limits)[source]#

Called when the parameter’s limits have changed

optsChanged(param, opts)[source]#

Called when any options are changed that are not name, value, default, or limits


Called when this item has been selected (sel=True) OR deselected (sel=False)


Give input focus to this item. Can be reimplemented to display editor widgets, etc.


Called when this item is added or removed from a tree. Expansion, visibility, and column widgets must all be configured AFTER the item is added to a tree, not during __init__.