Source code for pyqtgraph.exporters.Exporter

import os
import re

from ..GraphicsScene import GraphicsScene
from ..Qt import QtCore, QtWidgets
from ..widgets.FileDialog import FileDialog

LastExportDirectory = None

[docs] class Exporter(object): """ Abstract class used for exporting graphics to file / printer / whatever. """ allowCopy = False # subclasses set this to True if they can use the copy buffer Exporters = []
[docs] @classmethod def register(cls): """ Used to register Exporter classes to appear in the export dialog. """ Exporter.Exporters.append(cls)
def __init__(self, item): """ Initialize with the item to be exported. Can be an individual graphics item or a scene. """ object.__init__(self) self.item = item
[docs] def parameters(self): """Return the parameters used to configure this exporter.""" raise Exception("Abstract method must be overridden in subclass.")
[docs] def export(self, fileName=None, toBytes=False, copy=False): """ If *fileName* is None, pop-up a file dialog. If *toBytes* is True, return a bytes object rather than writing to file. If *copy* is True, export to the copy buffer rather than writing to file. """ raise Exception("Abstract method must be overridden in subclass.")
def fileSaveDialog(self, filter=None, opts=None): ## Show a file dialog, call self.export(fileName) when finished. if opts is None: opts = {} self.fileDialog = FileDialog() self.fileDialog.setFileMode(QtWidgets.QFileDialog.FileMode.AnyFile) self.fileDialog.setAcceptMode(QtWidgets.QFileDialog.AcceptMode.AcceptSave) if filter is not None: if isinstance(filter, str): self.fileDialog.setNameFilter(filter) elif isinstance(filter, list): self.fileDialog.setNameFilters(filter) global LastExportDirectory exportDir = LastExportDirectory if exportDir is not None: self.fileDialog.setDirectory(exportDir) self.fileDialog.opts = opts self.fileDialog.fileSelected.connect(self.fileSaveFinished) return def fileSaveFinished(self, fileName): global LastExportDirectory LastExportDirectory = os.path.split(fileName)[0] ## If file name does not match selected extension, append it now ext = os.path.splitext(fileName)[1].lower().lstrip('.') selectedExt ='\*\.(\w+)\b', self.fileDialog.selectedNameFilter()) if selectedExt is not None: selectedExt = selectedExt.groups()[0].lower() if ext != selectedExt: fileName = fileName + '.' + selectedExt.lstrip('.') self.export(fileName=fileName, **self.fileDialog.opts) def getScene(self): if isinstance(self.item, GraphicsScene): return self.item else: return self.item.scene() def getSourceRect(self): if isinstance(self.item, GraphicsScene): w = self.item.getViewWidget() return w.viewportTransform().inverted()[0].mapRect(w.rect()) else: return self.item.sceneBoundingRect() def getTargetRect(self): if isinstance(self.item, GraphicsScene): return self.item.getViewWidget().rect() else: return self.item.mapRectToDevice(self.item.boundingRect())
[docs] def setExportMode(self, export, opts=None): """ Call setExportMode(export, opts) on all items that will be painted during the export. This informs the item that it is about to be painted for export, allowing it to alter its appearance temporarily *export* - bool; must be True before exporting and False afterward *opts* - dict; common parameters are 'antialias' and 'background' """ if opts is None: opts = {} for item in self.getPaintItems(): if hasattr(item, 'setExportMode'): item.setExportMode(export, opts)
[docs] def getPaintItems(self, root=None): """Return a list of all items that should be painted in the correct order.""" if root is None: root = self.item preItems = [] postItems = [] if isinstance(root, QtWidgets.QGraphicsScene): childs = [i for i in root.items() if i.parentItem() is None] rootItem = [] else: childs = root.childItems() rootItem = [root] childs.sort(key=lambda a: a.zValue()) while len(childs) > 0: ch = childs.pop(0) tree = self.getPaintItems(ch) if (ch.flags() & ch.GraphicsItemFlag.ItemStacksBehindParent) or \ (ch.zValue() < 0 and (ch.flags() & ch.GraphicsItemFlag.ItemNegativeZStacksBehindParent)): preItems.extend(tree) else: postItems.extend(tree) return preItems + rootItem + postItems
def render(self, painter, targetRect, sourceRect, item=None): self.getScene().render(painter, QtCore.QRectF(targetRect), QtCore.QRectF(sourceRect))