Deprecated Window Classes

DEPRECATED: The classes below are convenience classes that create a new window containting a single, specific widget. These classes are now unnecessary because it is possible to place any widget into its own window by simply calling its show() method.

class pyqtgraph.GraphicsWindow(title=None, size=(800, 600), **kargs)[source]

(deprecated; use GraphicsLayoutWidget instead)

Convenience subclass of GraphicsLayoutWidget. This class is intended for use from the interactive python prompt.

class pyqtgraph.TabWindow(title=None, size=(800, 600))[source]


class pyqtgraph.PlotWindow(title=None, **kargs)[source]

(deprecated; use PlotWidget instead)

class pyqtgraph.ImageWindow(*args, **kargs)[source]

(deprecated; use ImageView instead)