Global Configuration Options

PyQtGraph has several global configuration options that allow you to change its default behavior. These can be accessed using the setConfigOptions() and getConfigOption() functions:

Option Type Default  
leftButtonPan bool True If True, dragging the left mouse button over a ViewBox causes the view to be panned. If False, then dragging the left mouse button draws a rectangle that the ViewBox will zoom to.
foreground See mkColor() ‘d’ Default foreground color for text, lines, axes, etc.
background See mkColor() ‘k’ Default background for GraphicsView.
antialias bool False Enabling antialiasing causes lines to be drawn with smooth edges at the cost of reduced performance.
imageAxisOrder str ‘col-major’ For ‘row-major’, image data is expected in the standard row-major (row, col) order. For ‘col-major’, image data is expected in reversed column-major (col, row) order. The default is ‘col-major’ for backward compatibility, but this may change in the future.
editorCommand str or None None Command used to invoke code editor from ConsoleWidget.
exitCleanup bool True Attempt to work around some exit crash bugs in PyQt and PySide.
useWeave bool False Use weave to speed up some operations, if it is available.
weaveDebug bool False Print full error message if weave compile fails.
useOpenGL bool False Enable OpenGL in GraphicsView. This can have unpredictable effects on stability and performance.
useCupy bool False Use cupy to perform calculations on the GPU. Only currently applies to ImageItem and its associated functions.
enableExperimental bool False Enable experimental features (the curious can search for this key in the code).
crashWarning bool False If True, print warnings about situations that may result in a crash.

Set global configuration options.

Each keyword argument sets one global option.


Return the value of a single global configuration option.