Source code for pyqtgraph.widgets.BusyCursor

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from contextlib import contextmanager

from ..Qt import QtGui, QtCore

__all__ = ["BusyCursor"]

[docs]@contextmanager def BusyCursor(): """ Display a busy mouse cursor during long operations. Usage:: with BusyCursor(): doLongOperation() May be nested. If called from a non-gui thread, then the cursor will not be affected. """ app = QtCore.QCoreApplication.instance() in_gui_thread = (app is not None) and (QtCore.QThread.currentThread() == app.thread()) try: if in_gui_thread: QtGui.QApplication.setOverrideCursor(QtGui.QCursor(QtCore.Qt.CursorShape.WaitCursor)) yield finally: if in_gui_thread: QtGui.QApplication.restoreOverrideCursor()