Source code for pyqtgraph.parametertree.parameterTypes.font

from ...Qt import QtGui, QtWidgets
from ..Parameter import Parameter
from .basetypes import WidgetParameterItem

[docs] class FontParameterItem(WidgetParameterItem): def makeWidget(self): w = QtWidgets.QFontComboBox() w.setMaximumHeight(20) w.sigChanged = w.currentFontChanged w.value = w.currentFont w.setValue = w.setCurrentFont self.hideWidget = False return w def updateDisplayLabel(self, value=None): if value is None: value = self.widget.currentText() super().updateDisplayLabel(value)
[docs] class FontParameter(Parameter): """ Creates and controls a QFont value. Be careful when selecting options from the font dropdown. since not all fonts are available on all systems """ itemClass = FontParameterItem def _interpretValue(self, v): if isinstance(v, str): newVal = QtGui.QFont() if not newVal.fromString(v): raise ValueError(f'Error parsing font "{v}"') v = newVal return v def saveState(self, filter=None): state = super().saveState(filter) state['value'] = state['value'].toString() return state