Source code for pyqtgraph.parametertree.parameterTypes.calendar

from ...Qt import QtCore, QtWidgets
from ..Parameter import Parameter
from .basetypes import WidgetParameterItem

[docs] class CalendarParameterItem(WidgetParameterItem): def makeWidget(self): self.asSubItem = True w = QtWidgets.QCalendarWidget() w.setMaximumHeight(200) w.sigChanged = w.selectionChanged w.value = w.selectedDate w.setValue = w.setSelectedDate self.hideWidget = False self.param.opts.setdefault('default', QtCore.QDate.currentDate()) return w
[docs] class CalendarParameter(Parameter): """ Displays a Qt calendar whose date is specified by a 'format' option. ============== ======================================================== **Options:** format Format for displaying the date and converting from a string. Can be any value accepted by `QDate.toString` and `fromString`, or a stringified version of a QDateFormat enum, i.e. 'ISODate', 'TextDate' (default), etc. ============== ======================================================== """ itemClass = CalendarParameterItem def __init__(self, **opts): opts.setdefault('format', 'TextDate') super().__init__(**opts) def _interpretFormat(self, fmt=None): fmt = fmt or self.opts.get('format') if hasattr(QtCore.Qt.DateFormat, fmt): fmt = getattr(QtCore.Qt.DateFormat, fmt) return fmt def _interpretValue(self, v): if isinstance(v, str): fmt = self._interpretFormat() if fmt is None: raise ValueError('Cannot parse date string without a set format') v = QtCore.QDate.fromString(v, fmt) return v def saveState(self, filter=None): state = super().saveState(filter) fmt = self._interpretFormat() if state.get('value', None) is not None: state['value'] = state['value'].toString(fmt) return state