Source code for pyqtgraph.parametertree.ParameterTree

from .parameterTypes import GroupParameterItem
from ..Qt import QtCore, QtWidgets, mkQApp
from ..widgets.TreeWidget import TreeWidget
from .ParameterItem import ParameterItem

[docs] class ParameterTree(TreeWidget): """Widget used to display or control data from a hierarchy of Parameters"""
[docs] def __init__(self, parent=None, showHeader=True): """ ============== ======================================================== **Arguments:** parent (QWidget) An optional parent widget showHeader (bool) If True, then the QTreeView header is displayed. ============== ======================================================== """ TreeWidget.__init__(self, parent) self.setVerticalScrollMode(self.ScrollMode.ScrollPerPixel) self.setHorizontalScrollMode(self.ScrollMode.ScrollPerPixel) self.setAnimated(False) self.setColumnCount(2) self.setHeaderLabels(["Parameter", "Value"]) self.setAlternatingRowColors(True) self.paramSet = None self.header().setSectionResizeMode(QtWidgets.QHeaderView.ResizeMode.ResizeToContents) self.setHeaderHidden(not showHeader) self.itemChanged.connect(self.itemChangedEvent) self.itemExpanded.connect(self.itemExpandedEvent) self.itemCollapsed.connect(self.itemCollapsedEvent) self.lastSel = None self.setRootIsDecorated(False) app = mkQApp() app.paletteChanged.connect(self.updatePalette)
[docs] def setParameters(self, param, showTop=True): """ Set the top-level :class:`Parameter <pyqtgraph.parametertree.Parameter>` to be displayed in this ParameterTree. If *showTop* is False, then the top-level parameter is hidden and only its children will be visible. This is a convenience method equivalent to:: tree.clear() tree.addParameters(param, showTop) """ self.clear() self.addParameters(param, showTop=showTop)
[docs] def addParameters(self, param, root=None, depth=0, showTop=True): """ Adds one top-level :class:`Parameter <pyqtgraph.parametertree.Parameter>` to the view. ============== ========================================================== **Arguments:** param The :class:`Parameter <pyqtgraph.parametertree.Parameter>` to add. root The item within the tree to which *param* should be added. By default, *param* is added as a top-level item. showTop If False, then *param* will be hidden, and only its children will be visible in the tree. ============== ========================================================== """ item = param.makeTreeItem(depth=depth) if root is None: root = self.invisibleRootItem() ## Hide top-level item if not showTop: item.setText(0, '') item.setSizeHint(0, QtCore.QSize(1,1)) item.setSizeHint(1, QtCore.QSize(1,1)) depth -= 1 root.addChild(item) item.treeWidgetChanged() for ch in param: self.addParameters(ch, root=item, depth=depth+1)
[docs] def clear(self): """ Remove all parameters from the tree. """ self.invisibleRootItem().takeChildren()
[docs] def focusNext(self, item, forward=True): """Give input focus to the next (or previous) item after *item* """ while True: parent = item.parent() if parent is None: return nextItem = self.nextFocusableChild(parent, item, forward=forward) if nextItem is not None: nextItem.setFocus() self.setCurrentItem(nextItem) return item = parent
def focusPrevious(self, item): self.focusNext(item, forward=False) def nextFocusableChild(self, root, startItem=None, forward=True): if startItem is None: if forward: index = 0 else: index = root.childCount()-1 else: if forward: index = root.indexOfChild(startItem) + 1 else: index = root.indexOfChild(startItem) - 1 if forward: inds = list(range(index, root.childCount())) else: inds = list(range(index, -1, -1)) for i in inds: item = root.child(i) if hasattr(item, 'isFocusable') and item.isFocusable(): return item else: item = self.nextFocusableChild(item, forward=forward) if item is not None: return item return None def contextMenuEvent(self, ev): item = self.currentItem() if hasattr(item, 'contextMenuEvent'): item.contextMenuEvent(ev)
[docs] def updatePalette(self): """ called when application palette changes This should ensure that the color theme of the OS is applied to the GroupParameterItems should the theme chang while the application is running. """ for item in self.listAllItems(): if isinstance(item, GroupParameterItem): item.updateDepth(item.depth)
def itemChangedEvent(self, item, col): if hasattr(item, 'columnChangedEvent'): item.columnChangedEvent(col) def itemExpandedEvent(self, item): if hasattr(item, 'expandedChangedEvent'): item.expandedChangedEvent(True) def itemCollapsedEvent(self, item): if hasattr(item, 'expandedChangedEvent'): item.expandedChangedEvent(False) def selectionChanged(self, *args): sel = self.selectedItems() if len(sel) != 1: sel = None if self.lastSel is not None and isinstance(self.lastSel, ParameterItem): self.lastSel.selected(False) if sel is None: self.lastSel = None return self.lastSel = sel[0] if hasattr(sel[0], 'selected'): sel[0].selected(True) return super().selectionChanged(*args) # commented out due to being unreliable # def wheelEvent(self, ev): # self.clearSelection() # return super().wheelEvent(ev) def sizeHint(self): w, h = 0, 0 ind = self.indentation() for x in self.listAllItems(): if x.isHidden(): continue try: depth = x.depth except AttributeError: depth = 0 s0 = x.sizeHint(0) s1 = x.sizeHint(1) w = max(w, depth * ind + max(0, s0.width()) + max(0, s1.width())) h += max(0, s0.height(), s1.height()) # typ = x.param.opts['type'] if isinstance(x, ParameterItem) else x # print(typ, depth * ind, (s0.width(), s0.height()), (s1.width(), s1.height()), (w, h)) # todo: find out if this alternative can be made to work (currently fails when color or colormap are present) # print('custom', (w, h)) # w = self.sizeHintForColumn(0) + self.sizeHintForColumn(1) # h = self.viewportSizeHint().height() # print('alternative', (w, h)) if not self.header().isHidden(): h += self.header().height() return QtCore.QSize(w, h)