Source code for pyqtgraph.graphicsItems.ScaleBar

from .. import functions as fn
from .. import getConfigOption
from ..Point import Point
from ..Qt import QtCore, QtWidgets
from .GraphicsObject import GraphicsObject
from .GraphicsWidgetAnchor import GraphicsWidgetAnchor
from .TextItem import TextItem

__all__ = ['ScaleBar']

[docs]class ScaleBar(GraphicsObject, GraphicsWidgetAnchor): """ Displays a rectangular bar to indicate the relative scale of objects on the view. """
[docs] def __init__(self, size, width=5, brush=None, pen=None, suffix='m', offset=None): GraphicsObject.__init__(self) GraphicsWidgetAnchor.__init__(self) self.setFlag(self.GraphicsItemFlag.ItemHasNoContents) self.setAcceptedMouseButtons(QtCore.Qt.MouseButton.NoButton) if brush is None: brush = getConfigOption('foreground') self.brush = fn.mkBrush(brush) self.pen = fn.mkPen(pen) self._width = width self.size = size if offset is None: offset = (0,0) self.offset = offset = QtWidgets.QGraphicsRectItem() self.text = TextItem(text=fn.siFormat(size, suffix=suffix), anchor=(0.5,1)) self.text.setParentItem(self)
def changeParent(self): view = self.parentItem() if view is None: return view.sigRangeChanged.connect(self.updateBar) self.updateBar() def updateBar(self): view = self.parentItem() if view is None: return p1 = view.mapFromViewToItem(self, QtCore.QPointF(0,0)) p2 = view.mapFromViewToItem(self, QtCore.QPointF(self.size,0)) w = (p2-p1).x(), 0, w, self._width)) self.text.setPos(-w/2., 0) def boundingRect(self): return QtCore.QRectF() def setParentItem(self, p): ret = GraphicsObject.setParentItem(self, p) if self.offset is not None: offset = Point(self.offset) anchorx = 1 if offset[0] <= 0 else 0 anchory = 1 if offset[1] <= 0 else 0 anchor = (anchorx, anchory) self.anchor(itemPos=anchor, parentPos=anchor, offset=offset) return ret