class pyqtgraph.opengl.GLViewWidget(parent=None, devicePixelRatio=None, rotationMethod='euler')[source]
__init__(parent=None, devicePixelRatio=None, rotationMethod='euler')[source]
Basic widget for displaying 3D data
  • Rotation/scale controls

  • Axis/grid display

  • Export options



(QObject, optional): Parent QObject. Defaults to None.


No longer in use. High-DPI displays should automatically detect the correct resolution.


(str): Mechanimsm to drive the rotation method, options are ‘euler’ and ‘quaternion’. Defaults to ‘euler’.


Return current position of camera based on center, dist, elevation, and azimuth


Remove all items from the scene.


Initialize items that were not initialized during addItem().


Return a list of the items displayed in the region (x, y, w, h) relative to the widget.

orbit(azim, elev)[source]

Orbits the camera around the center position. azim and elev are given in degrees.

paintGL(region=None, viewport=None, useItemNames=False)[source]

viewport specifies the arguments to glViewport. If None, then we use self.opts[‘viewport’] region specifies the sub-region of self.opts[‘viewport’] that should be rendered. Note that we may use viewport != self.opts[‘viewport’] when exporting.

pan(dx, dy, dz, relative='global')[source]

Moves the center (look-at) position while holding the camera in place.



Distance to pan in x direction


Distance to pan in y direction


Distance to pan in z direction


String that determines the direction of dx,dy,dz. If “global”, then the global coordinate system is used. If “view”, then the z axis is aligned with the view direction, and x and y axes are in the plane of the view: +x points right, +y points up. If “view-upright”, then x is in the global xy plane and points to the right side of the view, y is in the global xy plane and orthogonal to x, and z points in the global z direction.

Distances are scaled roughly such that a value of 1.0 moves by one pixel on screen.

Prior to version 0.11, relative was expected to be either True (x-aligned) or False (global). These values are deprecated but still recognized.


Return the approximate size of a screen pixel at the location pos Pos may be a Vector or an (N,3) array of locations


Read the current buffer pixels out as a QImage.


Remove the item from the scene.


Initialize the widget state or reset the current state to the original state.

setBackgroundColor(*args, **kwds)[source]

Set the background color of the widget. Accepts the same arguments as mkColor().